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Print Management in Mobile, AL
print management


Let us help take the pain out of printing! As your single-source Solutions Company, we proudly offer Managed Print Services (MPS). With Managed Print Services, you'llWith print management, you'll receive automatic shipments of toner get a custom solution tailored to your business' needs. And, you'll get it at an affordable flat rate. Not only will this service option give you peace of mind about an ongoing high-functioning operation, but it will also help lower the costs of printing and copying. This means: more uptime and less expense. 

With BIS | Office Systems, you get a Print and Copy Partner who will simplify print management for your organization and maximize cost efficiency. We're here to serve as your all-in-one solution for maintenance, service and consumables. You can rely on us to keep your equipment running smoothly and your budget looking its best.

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Pay as you go with print management in Pensacola, FL

A pay-as-you-go printing option that has a fixed cost per page

Print management eliminates capital expenditures

Solutions that eliminate capital expenditures for equipment

With print management, you can claim your printing costs as operating expenses

The ability to claim your printing costs as operating expenses for tax purposes


What Will it Cost?

No more than you are currently paying! After obtaining your current usage, we will arrive at your cost and the savings that can be achieved with MPS. Average savings range between 15-35%. Many times, even more than that.

How Will You Reduce My Costs?

The MPS program will obtain your current usage from all network printers. You and the BIS team will evaluate this information to better drive the printing/copying to the most cost effective machines. Thereby, reducing your costs. 

How Will Reporting Save Me Money?

The program reporting will aid the overall management of printing costs. It helps us determine when a printer/copier has become functionally obsolete and it allows an accurate cost per copy. The information collected is valuable insight for replacing printers and copiers. 

How Will You Reduce My Toner Expenses?

The MPS program also monitors the toner levels. When there is a predetermined level (15% or 20%) remaining, we will ship a replacement cartridge to you automatically. No more running out of toner in the middle of printing as critical document and shopping around looking for the correct toner. Since we are buying toner in large quantities, we pay less and can pass the savings on to you.  



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Brittany Latham, Customer Service Specialist
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