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Document Security in Mobile, AL
document and copier security
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51% of employees have copied, scanned or printed confidential information. If your organization has to meet compliance regulations, then you could actually be in violation. It's best to know who is accessing what files. However, both paper documents and digital files can be hard to secure and manage. 


BIS Office Systems offers solutions to control and protect your physical and digital documents including document management, user print tracking, copier encryption and information transfer security.




Lower your costs with document security

Lower Costs

Access files securely

Access Files

Secure your documents and files in Mobile, AL

Secure Files

Enforce policies with document security in Mobile, AL

Enforce Policies

Reduce waste with document security

Reduce Waste

Document security can increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Document security solutions

Copier Encryption

Confidential information isn't only stored on your computer, it's also found on your hard drive in your copier. Today, people can access that data remotely and simply by taking it out of the machine. 


In order to protect sensitive files, you must have encryption on your copier machine. This will encode the data stored on the hard drive and restrict access so that no one can access it even if removed from the machine.

Document Management

When you store paper documents, it can be difficult to restrict user access. This can lead to the wrong people accessing confidential files. Although there are some solutions to secure paper files, it's still cumbersome and not as secure as it could be. Our document management solution will help organize your data into a digital filing format. 

User Print Tracking

Do you know what files your employees are printing? If you don't have a proper user print tracking system in place, then your staff could be printing off confidential files that don't pertain to them. Our PaperCut solution will allow administrators to view print history and track types of jobs. 

Information Transfer Security

Today, it's possible to print from your mobile device and scan from the copier to a folder on your desktop. With all of this information being transferred, there must be security on the actual transfer of the files especially if it's sensitive information. With Kyocera technology, we're able to secure the information transfer and print release. You can even hold jobs until the user authenticates.




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