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Being able to print on the go is fast becoming a standard requisite for many businesses. With the Kyocera Google Connector app, employees are able to access their Google accounts right at the touch screen control panel of the MFP (multifunctional printer).


With companies making the move from physical storage to the cloud, cloud print environments are becoming a necessity to have integrated into the business workflow. That’s why Kyocera Document Solutions, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, developed the Google Connector app. While at the printer, one can: 



• View, compose, edit and search through Gmails 

Scan documents to store or use as attachments
View and print calendars


Kyocera continues to look at the evolving climate in business workflow needs as does Google. With Gmail reportedly being used by nearly 50% of small business employees, Kyocera sought out how to connect with Google’s cloud email service market to provide more integrated workflow opportunities. Through this Google partnership, Kyocera keeps the workforce mobile by enabling users to retrieve Gmail functionality on the individual MFPs without having to log in on a separate device. 

The development of business applications such as this have been a priority for Kyocera for years. They previously developed the Kyocera Cloud Connect, Mobile Print, and the Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Connectors for easy to use printing via the cloud from smartphones, tablets and PCs.

When it comes to the security of cloud printing, Kyocera developed the technology of linking an organization’s Google cloud printing capabilities with leading print management solutions to ensure secure print release. Unique to Kyocera, the connection of a company’s Google Cloud Print account to their print management account creates the ultimate document security. In addition, all print jobs can be set to hold until the user authenticates. 

At one time, the “mobile” workforce meant having to lug a heavy suitcase of samples door to door. Today, it requires access to everything at your fingertips no matter where you are. Since BIS Office Systems is a Kyocera Premier Dealer, we can offer all of the solutions discussed above. Our managed document solutions work for you so you have more time for your business. Call us today at 251-476-3113 for a free, no hassle, no obligation evaluation and assessment of your workplace printing needs.



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In today’s technology, apps are front and center in the industry. Most people know about phone apps, and 1.2 billion people use apps on their phone worldwide. With that number in mind, companies are creating apps for a variety of uses- from productivity to engagement to efficiency, there are so many ways apps can be used to help a customer.


But did you know that even printer companies, such as Kyocera, are using apps to help their customers? Their latest products have an interface that has a built-in browser and touch-screen, allowing the user to customize their preferences to make is easier to use and more accessible.


Kyocera copiers and printers have added over 30 apps for its products. Now, if you are thinking, “why do printers and copiers needs apps?” I will tell you. With these apps, the end goal is to create easier and more productive office technology for the customer. 


Kyocera has apps that let you scan documents and sent them to your iPad or iPhone as an image, use your Android device to print images and documents straight from your phone, attach and send e-mail files, print web pages from the built-in browser on the printer’s interface,  and much more.


With this kind of technology at your fingertips, how can you not start using it? Make your office more productive- work smarter, not harder! Having the capability to print and scan documents from your phone or browse files and images on the internet directly on Kyocera’s copier screen makes office operations smooth sailing.


Applications like these are one of many ways to increase office productivity though. At BIS Office Systems, we work hard to give your business the edge it needs to become more efficient in its office technology. From supplying companies with office equipment that has the latest technologies, such as with Kyocera’s copier apps, to offering Total Document Solutions, our mission is to make your business more productive!


Sign up for a free print cost analysis today! Or for more information about what we can do you for you, give us a call.